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Children are confronted daily with the consequences of conflict and violence, and are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

The Safe Spaces will ensure that children and young people in South Sudan are not permanently left behind by conflict. They will have a place where they can feel safe and participate in creative activities, such as art and role-plays that help them reflect on their experiences and express their emotions.

They can improve their ability to read and write, and gain skills to support themselves economically. Through life-skills activities, they learn to cope with the consequences of conflict, improve their confidence and self-esteem, and rebuild a positive outlook on the future.

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Through the support of the IKEA Foundation, War Child will help 3, children gain essential literacy and numeracy skills and improve their psychosocial well-being. In addition, young people will develop vocational skills, and parents, caregivers, and child protection professionals will come together to ensure the well-being and protection of their children. Pavarotti and Eno dropped their support for War Child but it made no difference. Influential patrons may have the ability to generate media interest and fundraising for charities, but they have no legal status or authority under charity conventions.

Their high-profile departure had little effect on the trustees. When I tried to explain the situation to the Charity Commission, they refused to meet me or read my documentation on the grounds that I was no longer employed by the charity.

Catch I had no option but to approach the press. It took four years for the truth to come out and the people responsible to be held to account.

Truth-tellers are not popular. After the story broke, I was unable to find work in the aid world and started selling hi-fi systems.

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Sixteen years later, the legacy of my whistleblowing still lingers. When I offered my services recently as a volunteer to a well-known charity, I told them I had been a founder of War Child.

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Their initial eagerness to have me stuff envelopes disappeared. Since my sacking, the Charity Commission has started to offer greater support to whistleblowers. There is now a dedicated email contact for those brave enough to put their heads above the parapet. But they still emphasise that this is for employees only.

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My advice: proceed with caution and with all your documents intact. War Child provides children with education programs, so they can get back into school. It gives them safe spaces, so they can get back to playing. And it trains parents and young people to help restore their ability to provide for themselves and regain a sense of security.

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War Child provides free legal counsel to girls and women who are survivors of rape, abuse, neglect, and forced early marriage. Our programs are long-term, effective, responsive and, over time, help to break the cycles of poverty and violence that plague war-torn communities. Founded by award-winning humanitarian, bestselling author and acclaimed public speaker, Dr. Samantha Nutt, War Child has worked in conflict areas since Millions of children, mothers, and families have benefited from our education, opportunities, and justice programs in war zones across the world.

We advocate for and raise awareness about the impact of war and our shared responsibility to act. Raise awareness, raise funds, raise the world up. Protect children affected by war by doing what you love.

Why an effective whistleblowing policy is important for charities

Make change in whatever way you want. We thank you for your support.

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Staff, volunteers, corporate partners, artists, musicians, and actors have all played an integral role in our mission. Their commitment to our work has raised critical donations and helped make our message heard.