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If you don't have a heart-rate monitor, think of your effort level on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being all-out like a sprint. You should aim for that six or seven and spend about 45 minutes at this intensity to burn fat, Corak says. Upping the incline on the treadmill , walking uphill, or climbing a staircase will help you build more muscle, which increases your metabolic rate, says Davis. Davis suggests adding incline intervals to your walks three days per week and steadily increase from there.

Tina Klein, certified USA track and field coach and run club coordinator at Life Time Sandy Springs in Atlanta, agrees that hills are the perfect way to turn up the intensity on your walk. To start increasing your calorie burn, add in some intervals, Klein says—and start short at first. After a minute warmup, push your body to walk at an uncomfortable but still sustainable pace for 15 to 20 seconds at the start of every minute.

Do that for 10 minutes, and then finish off with a minute cool down. Once you're comfortable with those short intervals, pick up the pace for one-minute intervals to get your heart rate up and burn more calories , says Davis. After you start incorporating one-minute intervals into your regular walking routine, you can increase the pace and duration from there. Another tip: While walking faster, focus on swinging your arms, says Davis. The extra arm movement will help you burn more calories and build strength in your shoulders and core.

Walking to lose weight shouldn't be all about walking, says Davis. You can also start or end your workout with strength exercises, especially bodyweight moves.

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Klein recommends moves like planks, wall-sits, or calf raises in addition to squats and pushups. If you've been walking consistently and still aren't seeing the scale budge or are seeing it go up , take the time to write down what you eat for a week to see if there are any ways to cut back. Yep, you've heard this one before.

But all structured walking workouts aside, integrating more steps into your daily tasks like parking farther from the door, taking the stairs, etc.

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Kelly Ripa Is Worth Millions. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. How much weight you can lose by walking varies from person to person, but Stanten has seen women drop as many as 14 to 22 pounds within eight weeks of starting a walking routine.

Men tend to lose weight faster. So to do the math, if you start now, you could be down a size or two by Labor Day.

How Many Steps a Day to Lose Weight? | POPSUGAR Fitness

Other people lose it more slowly, and anecdotally, sometimes those who lose it more slowly tend to keep it off longer. To make walking really work for your weight loss efforts, keep a few things in mind, says Stanten:. A lot has been said about getting a baseline of about 10, steps a day for health reasons.

Get your baseline first. That can be really discouraging. Aim for 5, every day for a week.

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The best way to melt pounds off is to challenge yourself with intervals—periods of faster walking interwoven with periods of slower walking. Research has found that interval walkers lose more weight than people who just go the same speed all the time. One study of people with type 2 diabetes found that interval walkers who alternated three minutes of fast walking with three minutes of average-speed walking not only helped their boost their fitness and control their blood sugar better than steady-state walkers, but their body composition changed, leaving them with less belly fat and body fat.