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Sharks live in oceans all over the world. Most shark species prefer warmer climates and are often found in the sea around Australia, Florida and Mexico. However, other types of sharks like cold water and live in the icy waters of Alaska and Iceland. Sharks are a type of fish which means they can breathe easily under water.

They breathe through gills that are located on either side of their bodies. Every shark has multiple rows of teeth on the top and bottom of their mouth.

These razor sharp teeth help the shark to rip its food into smaller pieces. The teeth often fall out, but they are soon replaced by new teeth that move quickly into place. A shark can go through an average of 20, teeth in its lifetime. Sharks have gained a reputation as the bad guys of the ocean.

They have been known to hurt humans before, which make us very scared of them.

What is climate change?

On average there are only about shark attacks each year. The most dangerous sharks are the Great White shark, the Hammerhead shark and the Tiger shark. However, not all sharks are fierce carnivores. Some species such as the Basking shark and the Whale shark are gentle giants that actually feed on plankton. About 75 species of shark are in danger of becoming extinct. This is mainly because of humans who hunt sharks for food and sport or because they are accidentally caught in fishing nets.

Fishermen kill around 30 to million sharks every year. There are many organisations who are dedicated to saving the shark. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world may never know. But on average, a Licking Machine made at Purdue needed Barcelona is home to hundreds of playgrounds for seniors.

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LEGO has a temperature-controlled underground vault in Denmark with nearly every set they've ever made. A reindeer's eyes change color through the seasons.

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China owns all of the pandas in the world. In season two of The Joy of Painting , Bob Ross created a monochromatic landscape for a viewer who was worried that his color blindness would prevent him from being able to paint. Bones found at Seymour Island indicate that at one time, 37 to 40 million years ago, penguins stood at a formidable 6 feet tall and weighed pounds.

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Unfortunately, the end might come prematurely and gruesomely in this horror classic about a doll possessed with the spirit of a serial killer Brad Dourif who gets adopted by a child and his mother. Pint-sized terror ensues. Mia Farrow experiences a highly complicated pregnancy in this eerie and atmospheric film that continues to shock more than a half-century after its release.

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Before he was one of the world's most iconic musicians, John Lennon—who was born in Liverpool on October 9, —was a choir boy and a Boy Scout. Let's take a look at a few facts you might not have known about the leader and founding member of The Beatles.